I know what it's like to worry and feel ashamed.


Today I am a nationally recognized financial therapist and expert in the field of financial wellness, but not so long ago money was a painful, secret, shameful part of my life. I embarked upon this career path in 1999, after several years in the marketing field left me with an intimate understanding of everyone’s consumer behavior except my own. Facing down almost $20,000 in credit card debt, I experienced a personal upheaval (read all about it here). I accepted that my relationship with money was toxic and was preventing me from being the person I wanted to be. In coming to terms with my own financial behavior, I became fascinated by what our financial choices reveal about us. I noticed how many people around me were similarly suffering, and resolved to help others change their lives by tapping into the meaning behind their attitudes and beliefs about money.

I went to graduate school and earned my Masters degree in Social Work from Hunter College, and completed an additional certification in Financial Social Work.  

Since then I've founded and led the Financial Wellness Program for a national arts-based non-profit, as well as consulted with a variety of other organizations in the creative field. I am a writer, speaker, and workshop leader, and over the past several years my work has been featured extensively in media outlets. 

I feel privileged to do work that engages me so passionately, and I am grateful for opportunities to bring the financial wellness message to a broader audience.