To all my creative professional peeps - Credit Reports & Scores seminar this Wednesday!

This Wednesday 12/10 (5-7pm) we conclude our 2014 program calendar with the Financial Wellness version of “party like it’s 1999,” the ever-popular Credit Reports & Scores seminar.

Say it with me: “Whooooo hoooooo, aaawweesooooommee!”

In this seminar I will provide you with a lot of great information about what and how personal information gets compiled into a credit report, the methodology by which your score is tabulated, and what you can do to improve it—but there’s more!

I will:

  • Display the full range of my ability to save internet images and use them in a PowerPoint, with the hope of being slightly amusing;
  • Tell the saga of how the Greatest Generation ushered in modern lending by coming home from WWII and demanding suburban homes in which to raise their multitudes of Baby Boomer children;
  • Pull back the veil of the credit scoring algorithm so you will feel like Neo in the climactic scene of The Matrix.*

If credit is something that stresses you out, come so that you can differentiate fact from fiction. If you worry that a low score will limit your ability to maneuver in our complicated financial world, come so that you can learn where to target your improvement efforts. If you just want to check out our renovated offices and watch me poke at our new SmartBoard like a cro-magnon social worker, there’s that, too.

Something for everyone! I hope you can make it. Please RSVP to if you can.

*This is almost certainly a metaphorical over-reach. But you will learn a lot.